Pin Manager 📌

How does this work?

The Pin Manager lets you talk to multiple "IPFS Pinning Services at a time. These services exist as remote backups for your data. Currently we support the IPFS Pinning Service API Specification and the IPFS Cluster API Specification.

When configuring an IPFS pinning service, place the Authentication Token into the password section of the URL. For example, this could look like Some services like IPFS cluster use "Basic Authentication" which means you will need to supply both a username and password. Make sure you're putting your services behind an HTTPs gateway so that you don't expose your credentials to the network!

If you are running a service and would like to quickly onboard new users into it, you can click the "link" in the service information and send it to somebody. This link will contain a special "invite" parameter which will automatically configure pin-manager to use the service info when a person visits it. Note that these links are not revokable, so make sure you only share them via trusted channels!

If you want to start pinning your IPFS data but don't know where to go, try signing up for an account with Pinata, creating a new API Key which has all the pinning service permissions enabled, then past a service URL that looks like